Los Angeles has the worst freeway traffic congestion in the nation.  In 2015, motorists spent 81 hours idling on freeways.  The Los Angeles County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (LASAFE) is committed to reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility.  LASAFE supports these goals via their Go511 platform, which offers users information about traffic, public transit, commuter carpool services, and emergency motorist assistance via a telephone call center, website, and a smartphone application.  Although the services offered by LASAFE are valuable, technological advances in smartphone and Internet access have pulled users away from LASAFE toward services like Google Maps.  To help LASAFE understand how to keep up with technology and better serve its customers, we conducted focus groups with users.  Our insights highlighted areas for improvement across a host of measures from look and feel to functionality and brand positioning.   LASAFE is relying on this feedback to make improvements to their Go511 website and smartphone application.