City of West Hollywood HIV Zero Initiative
HIV has had a particularly devastating impact on the City of West Hollywood.  Approximately 13% of men are HIV positive and 0.4% of men are diagnosed with HIV each year.  The City wanted to create a sustainable and measurable policy aimed at ending this pattern of HIV. Maroon Society worked with the City to produce the HIV Zero Initiative (policy) and its metrics of success.  We developed the metrics based on an assessment of City resources from its contracted social services providers, and an in-depth analysis of HIV surveillance data.  The final version of the HIV Zero Initiative came after several rounds of review and feedback from stakeholder groups – health providers, social services providers, government administrators, City Council members, commissioners, and LGBTQ community members most impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  The results are being used to direct the City’s efforts to achieve and measure progress toward the HIV Zero Initiative Strategic Plan..