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Clients choose us for our practical solutions and innovative approaches to consumer insight.  We are research experts, management consultants and creative artists.  We provide strategic plans, program evaluations, and marketing insights for Cities, Health Departments, Transit Agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and any other entity that serves humanity. 


The strategy group focuses on the art of experimentation.  We build upon what we know to help you prepare for the unknown – anticipating how your efforts will impact the market.  Like any good experiment, it is understood that strategy is not static and requires adapting to change.  This is the scientific method upon which all great innovation has been formed.   Recent notable projects include:

  • City of Los Angeles AIDS Coordinator’s Office - developed a locally specific treatment and prevention strategy for the City to address the needs of persons living with HIV, and those at a heightened risk of acquiring HIV  

  • Southern California Association of Governments - developed a plan to address the public health and transportation needs of the rapidly aging population in Southern California

    The policy and evaluation group serves a variety of organizations from cities and counties to public health departments, medical groups and transit agencies.  We help organizations with policy development, implementation and evaluation.  Recent notable projects include:

    • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health - evaluated the mental health promoter program for designation as a state sanctioned evidence based practice
    • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - executed outreach and education to rail passengers for the countywide Transit Access Pass (TAP card) implementation plan
    • City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office - evaluated the Domestic Abuse Response Team for its effectiveness providing immediate crisis intervention and continuing support for domestic violence survivors  

    The consumer insight group serves a wide variety of industries and brands, from health and entertainment, apparel and restaurants, to transportation and consumer goods.  We focus on meeting consumers at the point and place where they interact with your product or service.  It is from that position, that we capture the consumer experience and valuable insight needed to guide your organization.  Recent notable projects include:

    • City of Santa Monica - Big Blue Bus Transit Customer Perception
    • Ford Motor Company - Brand Image & Competitive Positioning
    • Los Angeles World Airports (LAX) - Guest Satisfaction  
    • Coors Light - Brand Loyalty & Competitive Positioning