case study

City of Los Angeles, AIDS Coordinators Office


The City of Los Angeles is a leader in the movement to provide comprehensive health care, social services, and legal support to people living with HIV.  As part of the City’s on-going commitment to respond to the HIV epidemic, the City of Los Angeles AIDS Coordinator’s Office commissioned Maroon Society to update their strategic plan with two broad goals: prevent new HIV infections and provide treatment and support for the people living with HIV.  Our recommendations are aligned with the National HIV/AIDS strategy, which promotes a treatment as prevention model – when people living with HIV and people at a heightened risk for acquiring HIV take antiretroviral medication, HIV infections are reduced.  Our strategy identified high priority groups for linkage to health care, outlined a plan to support health providers in their implementation of routine HIV screening, and detailed steps to help people living with HIV adhere to their antiretroviral therapy regimen.  The City relies upon the strategy to design and prioritize its efforts to serve people living with HIV and those at a heightened risk for acquiring HIV. 


  • 19% reduction in Average HIV diagnosis rate
  • 59% decline in Average HIV mortality rate
  • New diagnoses are down for every mode of transmission…HOWEVER,
  • Statistical probability of acquiring HIV today is greater than in the 1980s
  • Diagnosis rates are up for 20-29 year old gay and bisexual Black and Latino men