Los Angeles County Metro
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) operates the second most heavily used rail transit systems in the United States.  Each weekday, an average of 362,135 passengers ride Metro’s rail lines.   Prior to 2012, the rail line operated on the honor system for fare payment – no ticket was required to access the rail lines.  This undercut Metro’s revenue and did little to discourage fare evaders.  As a solution, Metro developed the Transit Access Pass (TAP) card.  This is a credit card sized card that allows passengers to store and pay their fare.  Metro commissioned Maroon Society to support the implementation of TAP cards and gate latching at all 95 Rail stations across Los Angeles County.  We supported the transition by conducting in-person outreach and education to over 370,000 rail passengers.  We effectively converted all Metro Rail stations in Los Angeles County from paper tickets to TAP Cards.  The result is less environmental waste through printed tickets. 

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