Los Angeles County Metro
Metro is committed to promoting the goals of California’s Proposition 84 to decrease air and water pollution, reduce consumption of natural resources, and increase local water supplies by developing an Urban Greening Plan.  The long-term objective of the Urban Greening Plan is to increase public transit ridership, which helps achieve the environmental goals outlined in Proposition 84.  Metro contracted Maroon Society to measure the extent to which greening – reducing heat and managing rainwater – was important to Los Angeles County residents; and, if Metro were to start greening activities, how would it impact ridership.  Our results detailed the extent to which greening motivates consumer behavior.  We found that greening is important to residents and would translate into increased ridership when consumers possess three characteristics: (1) willingness to take Metro, (2) belief that greening is important, and (3) awareness that Metro is actively greening. These findings helped Metro with their Rail expansion from Culver City to Santa Monica, and on going planning and partnerships with local businesses to better serve the public. 

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